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Reply To: Low CSSR in Huawei Cell (unknow reason)

Huawei – Man

Bijoy, please have a look stat for one hour of the mention cell. Its CSSR is very low. I can’t find the cause.

Maybe you can give some ideas to find the reason, PLEASE. Thanks a lot.

Start Time 13/07/2010 06:00:00
Object Name CellA
CA300J:Channel Requests (Circuit Service) 208
CA303J:Call Setup Indications (Circuit Service) 45
Call Setup Success Rate 21.635
CA3030J:Call Setup Indications (SDCCH) (Circuit Service) 45
CA3039J:Call Setup Indications (TCH) (Circuit Service) 0
CA303A:Call Setup Indications (Call Type) 3
CA303B:Call Setup Indications (Non-Call Type) 42
A300A:Channel Requests (MOC) 4
A300C:Channel Requests (MTC) 4
A300D:Channel Requests (Emergency Call) 0
A300E:Channel Requests (Call Re-establishment) 0
A300F:Channel Requests (Location Updating) 200
A300H:Channel Requests (Packet Call) 100
A300I:Channel Requests (LMU+Reserved) 0
A300K:Channel Requests (Protocol Incompatible) 0
CA300A:Channel Requests (Call Type) 8
CA300B:Channel Requests (Non-Call Type) 300
CA303H:Call Setup Indications (Packet Service) 0
K3000:SDCCH Seizure Requests 208
K3003:Successful SDCCH Seizures 208
K3003A:Successful SDCCH Seizures (Call Type) 7
RCA313:Success Rate of TCH Assignment 100
RA303I:Success Rate of Call Setup (Immediate Assignment) 21.635