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Reply To: 2g huawei


Hi Suresh
A PDCH can at a time support max 9 TBF in DL & 7 TBF in UL,But the theoritical max is 16 TBF in DL & 7 TBF in UL(but not at a time-remember).(As per Huawei—!!!!).As in Nokia & Ericsson,this is again 9 TBF(DL) & 7 TBF (UL).
Regarding the Timers
When the network after setting USF for a given TBF, receives a valid data block of this TBF from
the mobile station in a block assigned for this USF, it will reset counter N3101,otherwise it is incremented by one.If N3101 = N3101max, the network shall
stop the scheduling of RLC/MAC blocks from the mobile station for this USF and start timer
T3169(T3169-Wait for Reuse of USF and TFI after the mobile station uplink assignment for this TBF is invalid).

N3103 is reset when transmitting the final PACKET UPLINK ACK/NACK message within a TBF
(final ack indicator(FAI) set to 1). If the network does not receive the PACKET CONTROL
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT message in the scheduled block for this TBF, it shall increment counter
N3103 and retransmit the PACKET UPLINK ACK/NACK message. If counter N3103 exceeds its
limit, the network shall start timer T3169.

When the network after sending a RRBP field in the downlink RLC data block or in Iu mode also
RLC/MAC control block, receives a valid RLC/MAC control message from the mobile station, it
will reset counter N3105. The network will increment counter N3105 for each allocated data block
for which no RLC/MAC control message is received for this TBF.

Do ask for any doubt.