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Reply To: Diff Sub/Full TEMS Measurements with DTX


Hi Pix,
firstly lol @ point 4. it makes me wonder that y didn’t u come up with the b/m 5th point:
5)maybe the measurements that the TEMS is given is the same and i am reading them incorrectly by mistake 😛 (just kidding 🙂
I will perform the test that you have mentioned(i hope the radio conditions remain the same because as u know quite well that in a multi-server environment, in each traversal the scenario changes completely)
Secondly, as i mentioned before, DTX is enabled for non-AMR in the Network so ofcourse EFR would show different values for Sub/Full.So, i will try to disable it for a few cells and then perform DT to check the issue.
Once again thank you for your support.