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Reply To: EDGE configuration

Md Shameem


Dear if you are in Ericsson system then u can easily remove th is alarm by following step..
1-see the confact by rxmop:mo=rxotg-tgv;
2-see the num value at each sector by rlbdp:cell=cellname;

3 -give the e-1 according to req
like if confact is 1 then 1trx -req 3 dev.if confact is 2 then 2.5 dev req if 4 then 2.25..

4 -if confact 2 & there is 6 trx running then 6*2.5=15 dev req for normal abis mapping,& num vale for each sec is 6+6+6 =18 dev req for edge ,total number of dev req 15+18=33 ..
5- Do the correct abis mapping. if arrange dev less than req ABIS PATH UNAVAIL alarm come ..
to resolve do the correct abis mapping…