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Reply To: Assignment request timer


you seem obsessed with it, which is probably why you are here… but do not worry, we’re all gsm maniacs here. You are among … weirdos. Welcome home.

Your problem is that you want a timer to keep the BSC waiting for a while before rejecting the MS.
In other words, you want the MS to queue. And while the MS is queueing, it will send measurement reports, and the BSC might detect a possible directed retry.

So… set your T11 = 6 seconds or more, BTS Q LENTGH = 6 calls or less, and let the FDR rock’n roll your cell.

Your other questipon : delay the sending of the 2nd channel request : i answered that in my previous post : immediate assignment reject… activate this feature, you’ll see you can change timers (WI_OC, Wait_Indication, etc)