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Reply To: Assignment request timer


Thanks, Pix.
That kind of timer would be very useful in my opinion 🙂
and from your answer comes another question: Second channel request message? I have never nothised that MS ever sends another channel request message after BSC is declared that there is No radio resources available situation for TCH assignment request for MOC/MTC.
And continuing friday crusifiction 🙂 – Is it possible to delay assignment request message sending? Yea I know its a strange question but I am obsest with improving CSSR in VERY congestioned cells because I think that mechanisms that are used today can and must be improved (I am not crazy, my mom made me checked :D)
OK, now the full story: We have very congestioned cell, no queing, no prioratisation, no traffic ho, nothing but forced directed retry HO. Sector is DCS and around it is large number of GSM and DCS sectors. GSM all are fine but DCS all are congestioned. I am setting up call in DCS, for most of phones Directed retry kicks in but are many phones whose due to internal delays etc are possible to send only one Measurement report and it is obviously not containing SI5ter list:) and call is dropped. So question is how can I delay MOC/MTC process in those cells till the moment 5ter arrives and DR HO is possible to GSM?