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Reply To: Paging capacity on Abis


Hi Rex,

The indicator “CCH_Paging_Command_Abis_discarded_cong_rate” actually refers to Paging Cmd which are well received by the BTS (= the Abis is NOT congested), but cannot b forwarded on the Air interface because the PCH is congested.

So forget about my previous post. The solutions are:
1/ reduce your LAC size (still…)
2/ increase the number of PCH blocks in the BCCH (= decrease AG_BLKS_RES by one, or rather set it to “1” and activate AG_PCH_PREEMPT = ENABLE)
3/ activate the multiple CCCH feature 🙂

The “multiple paging messages within one Paging Command” is not a commercial feature : it is just a way to reduce the RSL load on the Abis. It doesn’t impact the Air interface at all. It is free.