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Reply To: Paging capacity on Abis


it is very high…
could you share with us the full description of the counter ? what is the trigger event ?

i’m not sure whether the congestion is in the abis link or on the radio interface. From the name of the indicator, of course, it looks like the abis is congested.
So i’ll work on this assumption…

You must either
1- reduce the number of paging
2- increase the RSL capacity

(a) activate MULTIPLE PAGING feature (it will aggregate n paging requests into only one “Abis” paging message)
(b) reduce the size of your LAC
(c) ensure that the paging is done with TMSI (? huh… i don’t think that would help though)

(a) use RSL Multiplexing “statistical 64kb/s” “NORMAL LOAD” (4 RSL / 64kbps)
(b) if that’s already done, use “HIGH LOAD” (2 RSL / 64kbps). That means you’ll have to define more RSL timeslots on your Abis