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Reply To: Link Imbalance

Ahmed Yasin

There are three different possible known sources of Link imbalance:
−Invalid or inaccurate TX/BAY CAL
o If the radio is a new spare it comes with default CAL data and must be TX and RX offset calibrated within the slot it will function in
o If the radio was swapped from one slot to another and preserve bay level cal feature is not enabled, a recalibration of the TX and RX is necessary to achieve more accurate PB stats
o If an expansion cabinet is added to the configuration it might be necessary to recalibrate the TX and RX
o If external combining, filtering or amplification is added to the configuration a TX or RX calibration is required. In some cases this might be impossible
−HW/Connection problem with the cabinet slot/cabling/antenna:
An element in the received path might have failed, or might not be used or installed correctly: backplane, cabling, bad connectors, a bad duplexer …
−HW problem with the DRI:
A HW component of the transceiver (CTU or CTU2) can have failed which results in abnormal noise in the transceiver or loss of output power.