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Reply To: Ericson MSC


hi jack,

i can’t help you about the command in the E/// MSC, but i can give you one important information:
the timing advance represents the distance between the antenna and the MS. And it is updated every 480ms, for one MS in a call or in data session. (for MS in idle mode, the TA is unknown)

Therefore, for one MS, you will only know
– which cell is it connected to (for example cell 6463)
– what is the timing advance (for example TA = 5)

in your database, you must know what is the antenna orientation of the cell 6463. Let’s say it is 120°.

What you gather, in the end, is that the Ms is located at 5*550m (=2.75km) of the cell, at an angle of 120° +/-60°.
(+/- 60° because that is the border with the 2 other angular sectors (=cells) from the same site.