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Reply To: GERAN feature package 1 problem


Hello Questener,

Before trying to help, I just need you to clarify this :

“After first handover in alerting mode UL quality jumps to 7 and stays there till Connect.”

What is this 1st HO…? Sounds like the Ms is doing a call setup, waiting for the CONNECT on its TCH. Why is there a 1st HO ? From which cell ? which timeslot ? (SDCCH ?)

UL Quality means the TRX is measuring a poor BER on the TCH coming from the MS. During this setup time, the TCH is empty though, because there are no speech frames in UL (nor in DL, for that matter).

1st possibility : DTX (again) Could you give me the UL_RXQUAL_FULL and the UL_QUAL_SUB values?

The only thing that is using the speech frames is called “TFO”. However, I am not sure if the TFO header in the speech frames is used in the BER computation. You could try to disable it ? If it is not enable, then don’t bother 🙂

Then finally, we could focus on the AMR. Because the GERAN feature package 1 brings some improvement on AMR (doesn’t it ?). So try disabling the AMR and see how it goes.

Does it happen on all cells ? or just one ?

Ok, i have to go,
best regards,