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Reply To: CHGR0 CHGR1



What are you disappointed about? I was describing the ericsson implementation of frequency hopping, which is what Bijoy asked. And it’s also worth noting that “In baseband hopping, each TRX transmits on a single frequency, whereas in synthesized hoppng, each TRX transmits on all the hopping frequencies.” is how it’s done in ericsson. Also, it’s easy to infer from that statement that “in BBH, if there are n TRX in the cell, there are only n hopping frequencies. In SFH, number of frequencies is higher than number of TRX.”

And this indeed reiterates my point that the difference between the two hopping methods is also not that “in BBH, the BCCH is also hopping (only the TS0 of TRX1 is not hopping). In SFH, the whole BCCH TRX (the 8 TS) is not hopping.” I was trying to point this out as tactfully as possible, that’s why I said “I THINK it’s possible to hop on the BCCH in synthesized hopping”. I don’t like to contradict experts, that’s why I was careful.

I’m not taking this personally…just trying to let us understand each other.

The difference between the first and second methods is that, in the first method, you need an additional TX, with no TS handler, whereas in the second method, it’s an additional TRX, with a TS handler. And yes, that additional TX/TRX does not handle traffic. Bijoy, your statement is very correct…I mean, who would sacrifice an additional TX/TRX just to implement some fancy hopping method? It’s scarcely used, but it can be done.