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Reply To: Suspend in DL_TBF_Release_Cause in ALU



sorry, i don’t have time to explain all those concepts.
but your problem with the blackberry user is weird. I doubt that what you have done (the new settings) are really helping. It is probably just a coincidence.

In RNO/NPO, can you check the Ater_congestion and DSP load & overload (per GPU) ? A bottleneck in those area could explain the subscriber problem.

each pdch which is “min pdch” is associated with 1 GCH.
all other PDCH are dynamically associated with their GCHs. Whether they are in max pdch highload or max pdch doesn’t change anything.
don’t forget that 1 PDCH can require up to 4.5 GCH to operatore in MCS-9. The high the MCS, the higher the number of GCH needed.
Decrease your MAX MCS to save on the Ater Ps and DSP load.