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Reply To: Suspend in DL_TBF_Release_Cause in ALU



the Suspend is not “abnormal” : it is not a “TBF drop”
On the opposite ! A suspend is a normal scenario, when someone receives or makes a call while a PS transfer is on-going.

What happens next is that the TBF is “suspended”, and will be “resumed” at the end of the voice call. It is not a degraded behaviour, it is very normal.

You can’t reduce the number of suspend 🙂 Unlesss you change you subscriber behaviour…

Now, another question would be :
the TBF which were suspended are not resumed (you can check your indicators to find the ratio).

That kind of failure is not counted as a TBF Drop in ALU (afaik). Indeed, if resume is not done, the MS will re-establish a new TBF automatically. That’s why it shouldn’t be counted as a drop.