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Reply To: RxLevel = – 125 dBm


Hi Lily :))

There is still something that doesn’t click :

RxLev Sub is bad, ok, but the BTS and BSC should not care about the “sub” value, because DTX is OFF.
It is only when DTX is On for the current measurement that the BTS and BSC take the Sub measure within their computation.

Apart from the rxlev sub in the drive tests, did you see :
a low RMS DL_RXLEV_AVG on TRX1 ?
a high amount of DL HO in the cell ?

I wonder why you are seeing the RxLevSub in the RMS, rather than the RxLev Full… Is it normal ? Is it a bug ? I’ll check it out.

I’m glad your colleagues will implement the NC2, but I’m less enthousiastic about DTM 🙂


I can’t see the traces unfortunately.. i don’t have TEMS installed, I don’t even have the software available. But the good thing is that my eyes are perpetually burnt with the screen layout of the TEMS, thanks to spending so many hours doing drivetests around S-E Asia ;))