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Reply To: RxLevel = – 125 dBm


Hi, everybody!
We are facing similar problem in our network (Vendor Siemens)but with little bit different simptoms and we coudn’t “catch” it on TEMS, only customer traces So, Lily, can I ask you some questions?
Does this happen in only 900Mhz cells or in 1800Mhz cells? Does BS power reduction goes up to max values? Does this situation happens after HO to this cell from another or immediatly after call setup?
I am asking this because in our network some calls after HO to 1800Mhz cells stops sending valid (or at all) SUB measurements (sends only first one valid) and BSC then uses this one for all measurements (from BSC point of view MS sends all MesReports with constant level and quality ) and BS power goes immediatly down to max values and no HO is possible, because BSC thinks that DL level and quality are great and that results in droped call.
If simptoms of your problem are similar or somebody else have any ideas how to solve problem in our network, please, don’t be shy and give some advice 🙂
PS.At this moment I am on vacation so HSN I will try changing later, when I will be at work and if that helps I will share ir with you.