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Reply To: RxLevel = – 125 dBm


Hi lily,

So let’s recap :

MS measures a very low DL RXLEV on the TCH timeslot :
only in BBH
only in HR
only on subchannel 0 (subchannel 1 is fine)
only MAIO = 0 (so that’s the 1st TRX)
only HSN = 0 (cyclic)

In those cells, the number of hopping frequencies = ?
Since it is on BCCH-TRX, then the DL DTX does not apply. Therefore, RXLEV FULL should always show valid measures.
There could be some issue in RXLEV SUB, due to cyclic usage of frequencies, but since BTS will always use RXLEV FULL (DTX is never on) then that probably is not worth investigating.

You didn’t answer Ali’s question : problem is in RXLEV FULL or RXLEV SUB ?

Lily, you are the brain twister 🙂

Cheers 🙂