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Reply To: Alpha & Gamma_Tnx in Alcatel-


recently we swapped a BTS from GSM900 to DCS1800 in a small town. There was an improvement in quality, all cells around the town are GSM900. But few costumers are complaining that inside of their shops they have problems in GPRS. As they said, after they start using GPRS every time at their phones appear ‘No service’ after some seconds, there is no signal till they close GPRS session. Voice communication is perfect when we call them, quality is fine.
What could be the reason of losing signal during GPRS session? We tried ALPHA=0 and GAMMA=0 but that is for uplink. Still the same. The module is MCTRX. Other params: MS_TXPWR_MAX=30 dBm, MS_TXPWR_MIN=6 dBm. Before, with GSM900 they didn’t have any problem with GPRS nor voice.
Any idea?
Best Regards,