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Reply To: Alpha & Gamma_Tnx in Alcatel-



you are mixing the names, so i didn’t really get your statement 🙂

you said :
By the way, from your equation, If ALPHA=0, and I set GAMMA_TNx=10*2dB = 20dB, then it would be :

PCH = min(GAMMA0 – GAMMA_Tnx – ALPHA*(C+48),Pmax)
PCH=min(39dBm – 20dB-0,43 dBm)
then PCH = 19 dBm.

It means the MS will transmit at a power of 19dBm instead of 39dBm (well, max MS power is actually Pmax = 33dBm)

There is an attenuation of 20dB. That is the attenuation due to UL PC GPRS.

If you set Gamma TNX = 0, you see that the power of MS = min(39dBm,33dBm) = 33dBm.

With default ALU values, the alpha introduces a variable adjustment depending on the current RXLEV measured. If RxLev is low, the attenuation is less : the MS transmits louder (PCH = stronger).
If RxLEv is high, the attenuation is more : the MS will reduce its transmission power (Pch = weaker).

The MS transmission power = Pch.

The failure of the UL PC GPRS happens randomly. So as long as you keep the UL PC GPRS activated, you run a risk to face a failure. Tomorrow, next week, in 3 months… who knows. Safe choice is to deactivate all the time.