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Reply To: Rxlev



Yes yes, i understand that 🙂
Now, you must understand that there is zero correlation between the RxLev and the distance.

The only way would be to force the MS to handover to the neighbour cells. But that is probably impossible to do (only test mobiles are allowed to force these artificial HO… but forcing it on standard phones would seriously degrade the QoS statistics and voice quality !)

You know, 3GPP already worked hard on trying to localize MS. They came up with the GPS positionning features :
1/ MS is not GPS-capable : the available location of the MS is based on serving cell’s coordinates + serving cell’s TA + sector orientation. That gives a rough idea of where is the MS.
2/ MS is GPS capable : the BSS asks the MS to retrieve its coordinates by GPS and report them back to the BSS.
3/ same as 2, but here there is also a GPS server in the BSS, to speed up the GPS localization of the MS.