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Reply To: DTM Feature activation in B10


yes, saying that you are on nokia system is a good info :))

in NMO2 and with BSC paging coordination, the MSC does not need any change.

In case of MTC while the MS is in Packet Transfer Mode (PTM), the BSC will send the CS-paging on the (PS) PACCH.
Without paging coordination, the CS paging would be left unanswered.
With paging coordination, the paging is sent on PACCH and will be answered:
– if MS is DTM capable & DTM is enabled in your network : MS starts the DTM procedure, in order to do both PS and CS calls.
– if MS is not DTM-capable or if DTM is not enabled in your nw, then MS will suspend the PS transfer, set up the CS call. At the end of the CS call, the PS transfer will (should… might… possibly… hopefully….) be resumed.