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Reply To: DTM Feature activation in B10


Dear Pix/Bijoy,
I have one confusion regarding this whole discussion abt DTM.I hope you wouldn’t mind clarifying it!
In his explanation of “Paging Co-ordination” ,Bijoy mentioned that

“DTM and the IMSI coordination also has the benefit that non-DTM capable MSs can be reached by a CS page when in packet transfer mode regardless of network operation mode (regardless of whether the Gs interface is used or not).”
However, I was going through a DTM(B-10) document and its clearly mentioned here that Alcatel BSS ensures CS Paging Co-ordination only in NMO 1(Gs interface present).The b/m are the exact wordings:

“It is proposed that the BSS ensures the CS paging co-ordination only in NMO I when the Gs interface is
present. This choice is explained
by the following justifications:

− In release B9, in NMO II and III, the paging co-ordination is not ensured for CS paging messages
received while the MS is in packet transfer mode. It is not required that the DTM feature improves the paging management here.

− According to the information received from P&S, it is likely that most of the operators will use the Gs interface in the coming years.

− If the paging co-ordination were required in NMO II and III, upon receipt of each CS paging the BSC will have to check whether the MS is in packet transfer mode. The BSC will then have to maintain a list of MSs in PTM, which will increase BSCGP load (due to the exchange of the identity of the MS in PTM at the beginning of the PTM and at the end of the PTM).

As the BSS does not support CS paging co-ordination, the flag BSS_PAGING_COORDINATION included in the GPRS Cell Options IE of SI13, PSI1, PSI13 and PSI14 shall be set to “0: The cell does not support CS
paging coordination”.

So, from the above mentioned, I come to a conclusion that without Gs Interface, there cannot be Cs Paging in Alcatel BSS. But this contradicts with Bijoy’s statement. Plz Clarify!