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Reply To: handover failure due to protocol error


well… restart the BSC ! 🙂

have you checked parameters modification at BSC level, in NPO ? I guess there are some obscure BSC parameters that could strongly influence HO.

Can you share with me the values of the following eight indicators, for one full day:
external incoming HO preparation success (nb and %)
external incoming HO efficiency (nb and %)
external outgoing ho prep success (nb and %)
external outgoing ho efficiency (nb and %)

in one border cell of each BSC ? (so that would be 4 cells altogether : in A next to B, in B next to A, in B next to C, in C next to B)

Since MSC team tells you there is no activity on their side, then it has to be on the BSC side…………………….

Do you have possibility to perform A interfaces traces ?