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Reply To: Subscriber unreachable


fresh opt,

the subscriber can only be reached after the 2nd attempt ?
this particular MS only or all MS in the cell ?
all the time, or just once in a while ?

does the MS make a call setup or a location update before you attempt to reach it for the 2nd time ?

what is the delay between the two call attempts ?

can you increase this duration ?

how did you detect this problem, could you please describe the method ?

If a Paging is discarded due to congestion, it is going to be repeated by the MSC. In other terms : if the MSC doesn’t get a Paging Response before a certain timer, it will repeat the Paging 1 or 2 times.

The subscriber is said to be “unreachable”, and it can mean two things :
1/ the first paging is always lost (incl. the repeatitions) and the 2nd paging is always successful. But I don’t think so. Too weird.

2/ the IMSI is not present in the VLR, therefore the MSC doesn’t send the 1st paging : it directly respond to the calling party, saying ‘called party unreachable’. But why would this IMSI becomes attached at the second attempt ?

Well, i must admit, i need more inputs from fresh opt…