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Reply To: trx quality problem


and can you tell me about TRX 1 and TRX 2 as well ?

(i need to know how much traffic they are handling)

case 1
if they also take traffic but all is fine for them, then :
a) ANC problem : but here, path balance is good, so I don’t think so.
b) TRX swap : the TRX 3 and 4 are probably connected to the wrong ANC. Check if other TRX in the BTS are also having poor efficiency (but if they don’t carry traffic, you won’t get a proper eficiency evaluation)

case 2
if they do not take traffic :
lock TRX 3 and TRX 4, wait tomorrow to see if they take traffic, and what’s their efficiency and Path Bal.

IMO, it is a case of TRX swap. TRX1 and TRX2 are connected to one ANC, while TRX3 and TRX4 are connected to the ANC of another sector.

Because of sector coverage overlap, it is not always easy to detect…
Check the avg DL RXLEV and the avg Time Advance, for each of the 4 tRX of that cell. Are they identical, or not ?