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Reply To: Ping Pong Handovers and C/I


Hi Bijoy,

Well, yeah, my doubts are very persistant. I can’t take your word on that, you know me 🙂

So … how do you know about dummy SACCH ? Can you see those dummy SACCH messages in TEMS ?

In 3GPP, they don’t mention any dummy messages like this. On the opposite, it is stated that:

“Both layer 3 procedures, dedicated channel assignment and handover, are initiated and controlled by a network entity (BSS or MSC). This entity therefore will suspend the flow of layer 3 messages towards the MS after the ASSIGNMENT or HANDOVER COMMAND message has been issued. When the data link on the new channel has been established, the message flow may resume.”

Messages are suspended … ok, but it doesn’t mean the BTS doesn’t continue sending bummy blocks. Yet there is no benefit to use a frequency for nothing ! So i am still doubting 🙁