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Reply To: Temporary Offset


PT=31 is a special case that i didn’t bother explaining. sorry about that.

This special case is :
If PT = 31, then TO is useless and the formula is C2 = C1 – CRO, all the time. This will apply indefinitely.

The usual case is :

if PT < 31, then C2 = C1 + CRO - TO during PT. After PT, C2 = C1 + CRO only. All previous posts by prateen, bht, and agz are correct, so i don't know where is the problem... you just needed a confirmation ? Now let's go a little further : if you want to penalyze a cell, 1/ either you put PT = 31 and increase the CRO. Therefore C2 will decrease. 2/ or, you increase the CRO of the neighbour cells (assuming you never set PT=31 in any cell, i.e. you are in the "usual" case) Best Regards, pix