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Reply To: HO failure cause congestion


Good evening Slim and Pix!

In one of our regions we have the same problem – high TCH blocking rate due to HO congestion. It’s an urban area with good coverage and high traffic, most of HOs are *better cells* ones. We’ve already implemented such features like Directed Retry, Forced DR, Traffic HO, Fast THO etc. All these actions of course gave some result, but our management wants more 🙂
We have some restrictions: can’t change HoM., Averaging windows and HO thresholds.
Now I would like to tune Cell_Evaluation process in order to decrease *attractiveness* of highly loaded cells after HO detection, but we have never done such things before 🙂
I would be very very grateful if your share your opinion (and maybe experience) in this question. Could it be really effective?

After scrupulous reading docs we have, next settings were chosen:

CELL_EVALUATION = Order_evaluation (as I understand it’s more appropriate than GRADE_EV here)

Free_Factor_1 = -15
Free_Factor_2 = -10
Free_Factor_3 = -3
Free_Factor_4 = 0
Free_Factor_5 = 3

Free_level_1 = 1
Free_level_2 = 3
Free_level_3 = 5
Free_level_4 = 10

Could it be dangerous? 🙂 and effective? 🙂

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards.