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Reply To: link imbalance


With all due respect to he has helped me a lot in optimization and i am keen follower of this forum.
I want to share my experience that we can improve KPI’s and uplink quality by using downtilt.
e.g if site is in country side and tower height is 60 with antenna at 55.if TA of the site is around 35.
which means the MS at 35 TA is able to camp on cell.As we know downlink signal is more strong and uplink signal strength is low as MS transmitting power is less then that of BTS there may be a chance that due to downlink signal MS camp on it and HO command is sent to MS and due to poor uplink condition MS reply wasn’t reached to BTS the BTS and HO failure can occur.It also degrades uplink quality in KPI’s.
I will be very glad if some one can correct if i am wrong.