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Reply To: Traffic over E1


Hi Pan,

Thanks for complement(?)

Its is almost 13 years when i studied all these shannon, nyquist etc theorems. At that time( college) the only objective was to mug up the things and your engineering exam clear.
No matter what is the meaning.

But, now after 13 years i don’t have to give any exam but what i do sometimes is to pick some topic for discussion and go with it like a student.

Tell me an honest answer…all of you.

would the world gave the same respect and honor to Shannon if somebody today came and reveals to the world that a similar document do exists in the ancient era before christ but shannon was not aware of that.

will the world take away the respect from the shannon today?

Anyway don’t think that i am trying to compare myself with shannon, but it do happens with me many times.

may be i was lab assistant with these dignitaries is previous births:)