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Reply To: Outgoing calls to CAMEL suscribers.

wallis dudhnath

Hi Community,

Answers to different questions in this thread.

XUDT – SCCP Extended Unitdata Message. Similar to SAR (segmentation / Re-assembly) with TCP/IP.

UMTS (3G) – GSM CAMEL. This can be used for Telephony Prepaid services. The HPLMN and the
VPLMN will need to support, as a minimum, CAP V2 and MAP V3.

CAMEL supports various flags that are known as x-CSI (CAMEL Subscription Identity). Typical, flags are
Originating (O) – CSI, Terminating (T) – CSI, etc..

GSM MSCs suppprts SCCP, therefore, XUDT should be supported.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath