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Reply To: TA settings?


In Ericsson, “MAXTA” is the hard limit.
In Huawei, “Max TA”. Also there are some reserved parameters in case of BSC3200 which needs to be set and a hidden parameter for BSC6000 which should be set for proper call disconnections on high ta.

The procedure to limit a cell by TA will be to simply reduce the MAXTA. Whenever a BTS will detect a MS transmitted burst with TA limit greater than this value, it will not entertain the request.
For Ericsson, this will increase your RACH failure rate (RACCFA will be pegged). (For Huawei, it apparantly seems that this is not counted for RACH failures)

Why is the param called RACH TA Filt? Do you have seperate TA for RACH and TCH???? 🙂