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Reply To: Inter BSC HO failure


Thanx for response.
We are using agilent.
When I check layer 3 msg, a good neighbor is available (good BCCH RXLEV):

“Measurements are valid
N1: Freq 6[ 4] Level -70 dBm BSIC19(dec) 23(oct)
N2: Freq 14[10] Level -78 dBm BSIC18(dec) 22(oct)
N3: Freq 8[ 5] Level -84 dBm BSIC15(dec) 17(oct)
N4: Freq 13[ 9] Level -84 dBm BSIC04(dec) 04(oct)”

however, in RR HANDOVER COMMAND, the best neighbor is not chozen :
“BCCH: 8 BSIC: 15(dec) 17(oct)”

the result is a handover fail.

Please note that the best neighbor is a cell of an other BSC and an other OMC and all declarations are right(ALCATEL BSS).

Please help !