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Reply To: Increase in Interferance HOs with DTX


Hi Pix, Thanks for clearing those doubts…

1.If if you say PC more aggressive then i must say i am using following settings:

We are using 900 Band:

MAX power level of MS=5
MIN power level of MS=16
MIN power level of BS=10(where 0:Pn,1: Pn-2 dB;15:Pn-30 dB & Pn=The maximum power level of BTS is Pn)
Increase uplink level=25 (Ths 0-63 mapped with -110 to-47)dBm
Decrease uplink level=35
Increase uplink quality=4
Decrease uplink quality=1
Increase downlink level=20
Decrease downlink level=35
Increase downlink quality=4
Decrease downlink quality=1
where P/N for all UL/DL is 2/3
Also Handover MarginRxQual is =6dB

We have tried to change these but not able to have a forward path. Please suggest some threshold based on above to see some good result in RxQuality.