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Reply To: Increase in Interferance HOs with DTX



Dobroe utro 🙂

I’ll follow your wise advice. Unfortunately now we have no possibility to contact ALU TAC directly, only through our HQ operational department – it will be a little bit longer, but we have enough persistence 🙂 As soon as we get information from them I’ll share it here 🙂

Nevertheless we need practical results as an argument in order to be able to dispute the main (Moscow) HQ if they decide to activate AMR + DTX on the whole network… their motivation will be, of course, “for improving speech quality and subscriber’s perception ”…

It would be much better just to remove all flags related to AMR + DTX from OMC-R so nobody has temptation to “optimize” voice quality with them :)))))) at last until the problem will be solved …. Please..:)

…oh, I would like to spend some hours outside drive-testing, but these days I’m spending much more time in office, analyzing other people’s logs..

Have a nice day!
Best regards, Lily