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Reply To: Increase in Interferance HOs with DTX


Good evening Pix, Sergio and 2112!

Let me join the discussion about using DTX and AMR features simultaneously 🙂

In a new version of so called *common parameters* we are recommended (=must) to use both flags:



As I see from this discussion it can be a real danger not only for KPI, but – the most important issue – for subscriber perception, i.e. for real speech quality .
To be true, I don’t understand properly what is the cause of incompatibility for these two features.. Do we have problem both with FR and HR + DTX? In 3GPP TS26.103 we found the only mention about incompatibility between ERF (12,2) and DTX, but I’m afraid we’re mistaken..
Dear Pix, could you be so kind, please, to give some more explanation about this situation (or forward us to certain document) ?

Thanks a million!
Best regards,