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Very sorry bro, my mistake. I didn;t see you are talking about SD Drops. I thought you are talking about TCH Drops.
Well if you are having SD Drops due to low SS then it might be the cause of overshooting cell. Verify the tilts of the cell. Also check if your SDCCH are defined on Hopping TRX? If so, try moving the SDCCH on the BCCH trx. This may improve low SS SD Drops (Although you may see Bad Quality drops if your BCCH frequency is not clean).

Brother, if you are increasing LOL then you should also decrease FBOFFSET by the same amount. Else the border (OL -> UL handover) will be extended and OL will try to keep the call at very low Rxlevel too. This may cause call drops.
We have tried to increase LOL (and decrease FBOFFSET) for 1800 traffic shifting in our network. But in some cells where drop rate increases, we uptilt the 1800 by 1 degree. This will improve the TCH Drop Rate.