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Reply To: paging group calculate?


Everything has its own merits & demirts.Its us who decide what we can tolerate & what not.
Regarding your query,
One “Paging Queue” per “Paging Group” is available at the cell level (that means when we decrease the number of paging groups for the cell by reducing MFRMS to lower numbers, we actually reduce the number of available paging queue).
Paging Queue Length = 14 – (Number of Paging Groups/10); which means higher the number of paging groups in a cell (that is higher the MFRMS settings), lower will be the Paging Queue length, this will compensate for lower number of Paging Queue available at lower MFRMS.

I’m not against any kind of MFRMS setting:-)
Fed,was asking for other demirts of low MFRMS,I just pointed out some.