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Reply To: Optimizing TCH Drop 2% to 0.65%


Hi and sorry to answer late,
to Reduce ur call drop in such condition (cell with important TA) u have to :

– Check 1st ur HW (in such case most important cell are in rural area and their maintenance is so hard , pylone with more than 40 HBA) : Antenna , conbiner, TRXs ect…check alarms

– check ur frequency (in general in this rural area , there is no problem)

if u don’t have any problem from these 2 u have a planification problem u have to add a new site or repeter (u have to locate the source of ur trafic)

Some astuces (not recommended becuase u reduce ur trafic):

Reduce ur RX_LEV_ACCES
Reduce the BS_POWER_MAX

with these two parameters u are sure that u will have a good KPI but with a important reduction of trafic (be carefull :))))))))

Good Luck