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Reply To: HELP : SCCP Routing Fundamentals !!!

Wallis Dudhnath

As highlighted please send your questions and we will help.

ISUP is used for Connection Orientated signalling, i.e. signalling is performed so that a CIC can be secured. SCCP – Signalling Control Connection Part – provides extra information and helps to obtain extra addressing information for Rout(e)ing. Good example is to use SCCP to obtain information from Databases (HLR/HSS/UDC, MNP, SDF (Intelligent Network, etc..) so that Rout(e)ing can be performed.

For SCCP you will need to understand:-

Global Title – GT (like an IP address)
Sub System Number – SSN (access applications in a SS7 environment)
Originating / Destination Point Codes – OPC/DPC (MTP Layer)
Global Title Rout(e)ing Cases – GTRC –
(Translation of information)

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath