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Reply To: Traffic balancing



Thanks for info. Can you explain me about Capture HO? I’ve enabled it on some cells and we got bunch of unnecessary HOs. From drive test I could see everything perfect in A cell but after, let’s say 4sec, there was HO to B cell which is worse than A cause I was near A. And from B there was HO to A, I guest PBGT HO. And again after 4sec HO to B or another. I didn’t understand.
Also I thought whatever value on Multiband traffic condition parameter, it’s valid only after Capture HO is enable right ?

Also A Traffic HO is averaging window right? Isn’t it bit dangerous to change averaging window?

Anyway, sometimes I could manage traffic between some cells pretty well and sometimes it’s totally useless. And I end up with conclusion of “it’s dependent on traffic pattern, user behavior”.