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Reply To: Imm. Assignment fail


Hi Pix, Lucas

I just switch on TEMS pocket and got the same message 3 times after LAU procedures.

Below are all the messages i’ve got in the log menu :

1 : MM Service Unreg ; content = “MM service = Unregistered”
2 : RR service GSM ; content = “Service on GSM cell”
3 : LAU Attempt ; content = ” LAU type= IMSI Attach”
4: LAU Success; content = “PLMN = x, LAC=y, CI=z, Previous LA=t”
5 MM service Eq; cont = “PLMN,=x, LAC=y, CI=z; MM service =Registered in equivalent PLMN”
6 Immediate Assign Failure; cont = “PLMN=x, LAC=y, CI=z, T3126 timeout, BCCH ARCFN= 92, BSIC = 50”

From the previous post , i have never activate LAU attempt and succes in log menu.