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Reply To: GPRS Detach


Dear C300G,
its Attach Reject and its initiator is DL as PS attach Reject.
1)EGPRS Packet Dowblink Ack/Nack: No retransmissions are requested and this message indicates acknowledgement of all RLC data in the TBF
2) GPRS mobility management messages
GMM cause
Cause value : (17) Network failure
T3302 value
Unit : (1) Value is incremented in multiples of 1 minute
Value : (12) 12 minutes
3) Packet Power Control/Timng Advance:
MAC header
Payload type : (1) RLC/MAC block contains an RLC control block that does not include the optional octets of the RLC/MAC control header
RRBP : (0) Uplink block with TDMA frame number = N + 13
S/P : (0) RRBP field is not valid
USF : (0) Reserved for control message on PACCH
4) Packet Control Acknowledgement (8-bit):
CTRL_ACK : (3) The MS received two RLC/MAC control blocks with the same RTI value, one with RBSN=0 and the other with RBSN=1