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Reply To: SET Parameter FOR TRHO



if you want to implement TRHO, the meaning is you must be implement to whole neighbor of this cell (or blocking cell). If the blocking cell as a target cell better you set very high value (greater than 35 or -65 dBm), or you can tuning on the next day if this value still to low and blocking still quite high. Many parameters related with TRHO or AMH as well. ALT, AUT, AML, ATCI, ATCM, ATPM, and also TRHO. ATPM can set for blocking cell as you prefer for optimized, .. based on my experience on my network is 16 or greater than 16 dB .. but for neighbors of blocking cell you can sets vary (maybe 0, 2, 4 depends on blocking on your nbrs). if ATPM = 16 still blocking, you can tune greater than this value…