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Reply To: BB Hopping


Hi Dell,

my post is a bit long so i’ll do it on many posts.
both BBH and SFH have advantages/disavantages. Indeed, SFH has a poor AFP than BBH but this is usually compensated with some parameters (OFFSET_Hopping_HO&PC, OFFSET_RXQUAL_FH,…)that should be tuned once the frequency plan is implemented. the efficiency of SFH depends on the load factor of your cells. It means the number of frequency you reserve for hopping should be sufficient in order to ensure a RLF (Real Load Factor) less than 11% on your urban area. you should also reduce overlapping between cells with priority on high loaded zone. the quality of network dealing with SFH depends on the good design of cells. also, with SFH it would be easier to integrate new cells or add a new TRX on a site (no more TCH frequency seeking, MAIO are now used).