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Reply To: SPDCH


Hi Safar,

Sorry for my late reply. I was on vacation, so I wasn’t visiting the forum again.

Per PSET, the maximum number of PDCHs is 8, whether the PDCHs are FPDCHs, SPDCHs, on-demand PDCHs or a mixture of these three. The maximum number of EDGE time slots per PSET is also 8, since these time slots are also PDCHs.

In each cell, maximum number of FPDCH+SPDCH is 16.

I don’t quite understand your analysis of the no. of TBFs. By 25, you mean 16+7? To get a clearer picture of the total number of TBFs for 5 EDGE timeslots, it’s better to treat the UL and DL separately. Thus, for 5 TSs, maximum no. of DL TBFs = 5*16=80 and maximum no. of UL TBFs = 5*7=35.