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Reply To: A5/1 to A5/2 ciphering algorithm


We are facing following handover problem when A5/3 was activated in test scenario.

We have NSN core, Motorola BSS & NSN BSS

Source Cell—-Target Cell—- Result

Moto BTS (A5/3 enable)—-Nokia BTS (A5/3 disable)—-HO failure.

Moto BTS (A5/3 disable)—–Nokia BTS (A5/3 disable)—–HO success.

Nokia BTS (A5/3 disable)—–Moto BTS (A5/3 enable)—-HO Success.

Nokia BTS (A5/3 disable)—-Moto BTS (A5/3 disable)—–Success.

What could be the reason for the HO failure in the first scenario.

Thanks & regards,