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Reply To: intra handover


Hi krish

I definitely agree with pix. Basic idea is to trigger intra cell handover when signal strength is sufficent and bad rx quality at the same time to escape interference by changing channel within the cell.

For your inquiry regarding the ericsson parameters here’s some info and i hope i might help you:

When intracell handover takes place TMAXIHO is triggered to 1 and is incremented by 1 every each successful intra cell handover until it reaches the the maximum limit which is defined by the parameter MAXIHO. At this point any further consecutive intra cell handovers are inhibited at a duration defined by the parameter TIHO.When TIHO expires intra cell handover counter is reset back to zero. Then loops back again to same algorithm. TINIT is the time duratin when locating is not allowed after a successful change of channel.