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Reply To: Ivann


… What do you mean “is failing in BBH” – case when there are no alarms on trx at all, and it seems normal but has problem with frequency synthesizer (for example) and has bad KPIs ? If yes – ooh, I saw this problem very often in RNO – a huge red spot on RxLev/RxQual DL matrix, and – as a consequence – yes, increasing of DCR. But it was a puzzle for me which couldn’t be explained with our docs.

====> Yes, that’s it !

Moreover, another simple situation is clear for me now: why in case of low traffic in the cell with 2 or 3 tres (BBH of course) we can see measurement only for one tre (usually – the last TCH tre). If MS hops between tres and served by different tres we must see rather different picture :)))

=======> Perfect example, probably more obvious than the “trx failure” call drops.

gotta go,