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Reply To: TFO in Alcatel


Dear Pix, thank you.
Now I understand the principle, but another question:
What is the aim of using TFO in such cases? If we have the same codecs on both sides – we don’t need futher negotiation, I suppose?
Oh, now we have a huge problem with our KPIs, in particular – TCH congestion (after TFO activation) because we use rather not objective formula, including counters for HO preparation – MC541a, MC551, and – MC561 (intracell HO failures). Therefore in areas with high TCH load we can see enormous increase of MC561. I’ve changed the value of parameter “TFO HR when loaded” from = TFO preferres to = TFO_HR_only. It works for homogenus cells (all RSLs are FR or DR), but for not homogenus cells (some RSLs are FR, and some are DR) the problem of high MC561 still exists.We use B9 so we’re limited in BSS resources for HR :(.
That’s why I want to experiment with EN_TFO_MATCH.
Thank you very much, Pix, and – I wish you nice weekend 🙂